Accessing the underlying PIXI stage?


I couldn’t find anything on this by searching “PIXI” on the forum or on the GitHub issues, but how do you access Pixi’s stage object inside the Wick Editor?

I want to programmatically render some lines/circles. I know how to do it just using pixi but not inside of Wick.

A semi-related question, it looks like there used to be a documentation (see link in the opening post in this issue as well as a features roadmap) but those links are dead. Were these resources moved somewhere?



Hey @OmarShehata,

At the moment, we don’t provide a direct way to access the PIXI stage. It’s been quite a while since we’ve actually developed for the old renderer, so I’m actually not sure where the best place to access the PIXI instance is. This is especially complicated by the fact that the old architecture utilizes different renderers in the Editor and in the Player (after export).

Take a look at and Maybe this could help!



Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t realize the architecture had changed. Is there a GitHub branch that has the in-development version or a roadmap or something to look at? I’m trying to figure out how easy it would be to use the Wick Editor with arbitrary JavaScript engines. Like it would be really awesome to hook up Wick to Phaser 3 to design levels and have the ultimate IDE for creating web games, rivaling the days of Flash.