Among Us - Can Can (Extended version)

i dunno cyan was near the vent.


(0:16) the only color that was not shown was red cause red was the one holding the list

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any specific one? actually I have each scene as a single wick file and pasted / edited them together with iMovie

why would you want the file?

if you want the video, just google “Youtube Downloader”. The final video was 5 GB large, so it’s kinda annoying to share

And those are way too many .wick files. The final edit, as I was saying, was done in iMovie. A scene for example, is 1-2 seconds, but in the video, by repeating the scene, and playing it faster / slower, I adjusted it as needed

Why would you want a .gif?

I made a one-minute gif,
I’m just uploading it to my computer and will share it if @pythong85 gives me permission to

I don’t mind

Ok, here it is then:

(Link to download full 1 minute gif)

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but still, the video is over 2:30 minutes long. 1 minute?

I skipped the beginning and end

If you don’t mind telling me, how did you do that? An online tool, Youtube -> .gif?

No, screen recorded it, trimmed video, exported gif, can’t upload to wick, so uploaded link from dropbox which made u guys able to “preview” it on the forums, and download it from dropbox

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ok, thank you. I was looking for an export function on Mac in Quicktime, but couldn’t find it so I was looking for online options. Good to know!

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I use two recording apps, Loom, and Screencastify which allowed me to export ur video into a gif, audio file, mp4, share straight to yt, and etc.


where’s the wick file for it?

Why are they shaped like eggs

because they are supposed to be shaped like beans. and beans look like eggs if you draw it slightly differently i guess.

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Beans ar disgusting

youre disgusting