Coulp-o suggestions

  1. the way that wick makes it so that numbers don’t look weird or whatever is too fast. it gets rid of the decimal to soon when you want to put in a decimal point, and the comma adding also has a problem. when you have 4 digits, it makes a comma to separate them, then if you either add a digit, remove a digit, or add a decimal, it won’t do it and it deletes the hundreds, tens, and one’s place and you are left with what was the thousands digit, now in the one’s place. I suggest you edit the number after the user clicks out of it so that we don’t end up writing 132 instead of 13.2 or something like that.
  2. sometimes, sounds can be too loud or too quiet, and I have this problem too. I would propose the ability to change the volume, say from 0% volume to 500% (or 400% like iMovie, but somewhere along those lines) to make it easier to use sound.

i’ll think of more at some point in time, but these are just a couple things that i would like to get changed.



Hey @awc95014, good news! We have both of these on our board for Version 1.16! (The next version). Hopefully we’ll be able to have some functioning fixes to these in a couple of weeks!