How do i get this?

I’m looking to make this (you might already know why) so do I have to manually make it or is there a place where I can download a pic of it?

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 1.36.22 PM

Here’s all that I can help with (by looking through the page source of Wick):

Paste this for the color code:


I tested the color code, it’s the exact same as the icon

Here's exactly where I found this

Apparently it’s defined as “code-editor-information” in the page source, but ctrl+f editor-info for better results.

I found that with an eyedropper thingy, I just wanted the thing itself. I think I’m just gonna have to outline it manually or color-shift the logo somehow.

wait no. i read the terms and conditions and it says you have to ask the moderators for the logo use.

Oh yeah… You can’t modify it either… I guess replicating the editor is also copyright. Unless @Luxapodular, @zrispo or @nick to give me permission to use/modify/copy Wick for the sake of this animation I’m discontinuing it.

well, there are other things you can do!

I guess I can make a non-wick editor… i decided to start doing this kind of thing because wick is a real animating software/website, but if the mods say no I can always make my own interface-looking thing.

Quick what u can and can’t do with the logo:

For your project, u could contact: