How do you show your animations on the Wick Editor Forums?

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ok i think i know how to

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okay, what do you need help with?

how to make aniamtions

it’s not very relavent to this topic, but okay. i’m not the greatest at giving these tips, and this question is pretty vague, but here are a few things you can do to animate in general.

  1. if you can’t think of ideas, think of things that happened to you and use that as your animation. you can also take the audio of a youtube video and reanimate that. (like my 5-hour energy WIP animation.)
  2. make a character. it can be super simple like mine, it’ll work fine. (though i think about making it better every now and then.) having a character to work with is very important in making animations, especially if they are related to IRL moments.
  3. keep it simple. you don’t need any fancy effects to make animations good. if you have a simple character like mine and you keep the props simple to move, animate, and manage, you’ll be set. your animations don’t need to be long either. 30-45 seconds is fine, though my 5-hour energy animation is going to be over 1:30 if/when I finish it.
  4. watch the official wick editor tutorials here if your issue is that you don’t know how to use the editor.

Here’s a video on the twelve principles of animating:

Hopefully it helps, it has some very good animating tips

thank hamzah

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wanna make somthing to gerther

I might not have the time to work on a new project, but if you’re interested, you can make a new collab post and see if other people can work with you on a project (it’ll be a good way to meet other members of the forums)

I’ll still be able to help you if you’ll need anything

ok for thanks

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hamzah i am a music producer i can add music to the trailer

hamzah i need hellp

I’m ready to help, just let me know what you need

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hi, if you need help, you can always create a new topic with details
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If you do, then I’ll make sure to check it and other people can help you too

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