I can't import ttf files into wick?

Hi! I can’t add any fonts anymore to Wick Editor. How can I fix this problem? I get this error:
Could not add files to project: font.ttf

unfortunately, it seems that we can only use the fonts that Wick has built-in. if you place a piece of text down and inspect it (click and go to the inspector on the right), there should be a font-family option. those are all the fonts we are allowed to use.

while it’s sad we can’t import our own fonts, we do have plenty already. however, @Luxapodular maybe make it possible to import our own fonts?

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@bluecake made a “how to use google fonts” tutorial, that should help with using fonts outside of the editor.

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The issue is that importing local fonts was possible before. Suddenly recently, it stopped working. It makes me sad because that was one of the best things about Wick. I definitely get that this can be abused. But all the fonts I’m importing are legal for my uses (font examples include Vollkorn).