I lost my work

Wick editor randomly crashed so I refreshed the page. Then I clicked load auto save but it just never loaded. It was so frustrating. :triumph: I lost my whole animation.

I remeber losing projects before,
sorry that that happened to you
Did you have parts of it saved
on your computer? If so I might
be able to help, i’m an expert
when it comes to losing files!

No I hadn’t saved it yet and I was just about to as well. I am trying to recreate the animation now and saving it every minute. Hopefully it will be better than the first one.

I bet it’ll be more improved
the second time, good luck

Saving your work often is a good practice with these things. Hope it turns out alright in the end.


Thanks :smiley:

Hey so this happened to me as well, and the screen has been stuck trying to open my autosave. Though I actually did save my project as a .wick file a couple minutes before it crashed. However, I’m not sure how to open any of past saved files into the Wick Editor, as I saved all of them as .wick files. Is this something any of you know how to fix, or something you could help me with?

haha nevermind! I figured it out as soon as I wrote this post. :rofl: