I need Ideas!

So I always have some issues with making animations. I want to make something, but my mind is always looking for already made things into my own things. Do any of you have interesting ideas to help me? Please respond!

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Great to ask for inspiration here! Do you have any favorite topics/hobbies? Maybe that can help us generate some fun ideas to work on.

what kind of animation do you want ? me have a little experience

Maybe make a wave

Make animations using stick mans, then add more details to make them look like real people! Or you could try creating comics and turning it into animations!
Animate a 3d room, then fill it with furniture and add people!

It’s really up to the artist (you) to decide how his artwork flows, so after all, I guess that anything you pick should work out pretty impressive!

I have been trying to show a person walking properly, with the walk cycle, but I have not had much success. Thats an idea. Use joints for knees and arms, hips. tween if possible