Interactive balls

feel free to look at how it works. please credit me if you use it with your own projects.

use the mouse to bounce the balls around. that’s about it.

interactive balls5-28-2020_3-04-47PM.wick (2.0 KB)
interactive balls.html (2.0 MB)


Wow, nice physics, awesome! :open_mouth:

the problem is that they always bounce the same force off of each other i think. the bounce is based off of how far the 2 centers are from each other. i might redo the physics and it might turn out better.

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I added a box around them that is off screen interactive balls3-21-2021_13-11-41.html

fixed the sidebar problem interactive balls3-21-2021_13-14-22.html

i made an infinite loop

nice experiment awc
here is a page explaining elastic collision physics for billiard balls (that could be an int for your next game) :+1:

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cool physics.html (2.1 MB)
i made it more physicslike (aka realistic)

source btw interactive balls4-5-2023_12-19-42.wick (2.4 KB)