Is the wickeditor dead? :-(

No one knows if it’s dead forever- trends can always come back!

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@Jovanny if you’re going to make a wick editor mod, could you make it playable for mobile devices?

I’m not sure how much time I’ll be supporting the editor, but mobile is something that I’m not willing to pursue. I prefer investing time in having a better PC experience.

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Maybe publishing Wick Editor on and could work for PC’s and mobile devices, I guess.

Like how people are trying to make it possible to play all flash games safely on the internet in these times through ruffle. We do not know if flash will be revived with ruffle but it is a step towards that. Also, the person that started ruffle was thinking about making a tool to make flash content after ruffle is finished. Not that much related but you can get the point that we don’t know if something will stay dead like flash.