Let’s Funk - Collab

Not yet, though there a google slides presentation above for todo

the new codepen sevonix site has a discord invite in it so we can talk out of forum in case this gets closed
and considerable progress on watrmeln level

um I’m pretty sure you cant do other discords beside the wick discord on the forum. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

well technically it isn’t in the forum
and plus i’d rather just have one place for all projects that can’t be locked

Wouldn’t that be against this rule?

I’m not sure tho.

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oh, I thought this part made it allowed for a sec but that’s okay.

I mean, it’s in a diff site, I just told you where i put it

Well, that’s why i’m confused, technically you’re linking to a site that has a discord invite, would that break the rule or not?

@Jovanny can @Watrmeln make a discord for discussion or is that a no

he could link it to the emails that are working on the game privately and not in the forum.

But emails are kinda like a PM…

I don’t really know how the rule works so i will not assume things.

I thought they needed the emails for their website for everyone to change things.

Well regardless the next version is done. The watrmeln level isn’t done yet but it does have arrows

Just finished Day 3!
@gamer_boi @butt @BSA_15
@MrDashell Will be the character for day 4!
tried to play and my computer hung lol

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we cant use discord its against the rules but I dont know about linking to a site that has a link to a discord invite


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what does your OC look like you never told us what your OC looks like just send a picture of your OC


you didn’t have an OC
just give us a drawing of you and you’re in like for BSA and Dashell