Let’s Funk - Collab

I broke the tie

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there is no original OC i mean that im trying my best but my art is not that good i mite give up


I changed the mic on whitmore to a guitaur https://drive.google.com/file/d/117mZKRqX3_5iAfnzP0T1AYH4FSIiGSkP/view?usp=sharing
cus I like it

Well he does sound like a guitar in the whitty mod
Can’t check rn cause my pc isn’t on

Ok, I pasted him into a newer version of the game. Also it’s funny how the p to punch on level 1 still hasn’t been used that much.


This might be good for death sequence checking. It’s coming in the .4 revision.

i still cannot do it i mean the character it is so complicated

if you are intrested of the gif animation i made here is the wick file My Project3-8-2021_17-09-52.wick (52.3 KB)

Dude this is actually good i love this

you mean the animation

yes dude, you have amazing animation work, how about you try drawing yourself and mod it a bit like i did, and add a microphone
watrmeln2-19-2021_12-52-56.wick (339.2 KB)

thanks dude but what i mean of the animation is that my art skills cannot make the chzracter that easily

Well, nothing said you have to have a fully detailed character, just 5 poses.

i want my character to be detailed so how did i made the tank detailed it took me 2 hours to make the tank animation

Well, you got perfect shading, and the shape good.
I’m just gonna say take advantage of what you know, you don’t have to step outside your comfort zone.

should i start making my character

if you want to

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sorry but i will give up

that means your not going to be in the game lol

i tried my best but every time I finish it it looks terrible and I’m a noob and I’m known to be a loser

only if you keep saying it