My clicker game (Atom Clicker)

My Project10-17-2021_12-13-11.wick added the spin and got rid of the unnecicary/unused frame

Try to click on the atom once you have bought the first level… it will react to the user click instead of being static.

(Ok I saw already that you added it into your game (at least the rotation part)). You are welcome.

should I make the atom move around slowly or not?

I made the lv1 and lv2 into getting electrons and it works perfectly with 10 electrons My Project10-17-2021_19-00-41.html

Nice! but you left the cookies…

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 10.34.57 PM

oh I fixed that and added a name My Project10-17-2021_19-48-28.html if you get 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 you can get the dirty hacker but it shows up as 1e+36 there is a secret with the name to get the dev options (hint its a magic word used to open doors with magic (say “says” before it and no spaces))

pls dont post the answer to the name easter egg here I want everyone to find the dev options on their own (just post “found dev options” if you found it) you may post a picture of the dev options if you want but make sure it doesn’t show the name you used

also you may post your highest score without using the dev options. I will put the highest scores on a top 5 scoreboard and post the results every wednesday and friday

I added gems and a gem shop My Project10-20-2021_8-24-24.html, any ideas for gem shop items?

Add atom blasters, atom monsters and atom rocket launchers.

maybie the atom blaster has a 20 sec cool down and when 0 and clicked it blasts and it gives tons of atoms

the atom monster can give you 1 click per monster you get

atom rocket launcher can maybie be like the atom blaster

I lost the file for it so I dont have the name part anymore @Catking My Project11-29-2021_17-04-51.html added the gem shop items

I made the 20 gem price lower to make it more realistic atom clicker12-6-2021_9-03-40.html

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I made minigames and more monsters atom clicker12-6-2021_13-41-40.html

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does anyone have ideas for shop and gemshop items?

I made it so that it switches between the minigames atom clicker2-7-2022_12-53-10.html. btw I need some more ideas.

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hi i wanted to say can i help with this like the art talk to me when done.

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yeah sure send me the art and i’ll put it in the game

Hey, I am the creator of the Hidden in Code podcast and your game is going to be featured in my first episode!!! CONGRAGULATIONS!!! :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

nice that sounds good.