Project status, learning path

Hi, a newbie here. Looking for a tool to allow create simple animations as easy as possible found WE. I read a bit, checked several videos and downloaded.

Because my main interest is building JS animations to reproduce on websites, there are any docs and/or videos with instructions? If not, what is the recommended learning path for WE?

Tool is very interesting but seems was not updated for years, maybe I’m wrong. What is the status of the project, and what are future plans? there is any thread informing about that? If there is a plan and the tool is worth the needed time to study it even could contribute to support the project.

Excuse me English if sounds not polite.


you can learn the basic using the learn page

It is worth to already have at least a basic knowledge of js.
If you go through all the tutorials you’ll be set to make quality contents.
For more help search this forum

As for the status of the project we recently had a shift of ownership.
The original creators of wickeditor passed the development to Carnagie Mellon University and since then there were no significant notifications of development plans.
Hopefully this will change in a near future

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