Quick object show/ QOSA

Episode 1

Check episode 2 in the replys
Quick Object Show is 23 days old :O (this will update every week or month)


Season 1: Completed
Season 2: Worked on (3 Episodes so far)
Season 3? Unknown.

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I like this episode!!!11111


best joke shoe ever. i r[a]te this 5 stars.

episo d e 2

Voting ended end what bagel and the bc2892800289

I like [text]boxes, they’re so fun to code.

episode 3

Voting Ended

i vote for (kjfgnhrhug9rugiturfiiu)

This show is going off the rails, it’s (8) times better worse than before

Epiode 4??!?!?!

voting ended :(

(b)ecause this object show has 1 more episode, I will want to see it again!

you can’t vote for your own object show, otherwise you will not get any discount on the (burger)s

I just love mc (burger)

FINAL EPISODE!!! (Episode 5)

season 2 poll ended

Season 2?

  • Yes
  • no

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Season 2 is coming out in like 87 days

i made an updated intro.
zip file

Wow. That is amazing!

Quick Object Show NEWS
Quick Object Show Season 2 is coming in May
By The Way, jbeen4 has made their own Quick Object Show intro which is amazing!.
So While you are waiting for episode 1, Here is the intro for season 2!
It includes

  1. mp4 file of the intro
  2. gif file of the intro
  3. and the file of it!
    anyways i will include some sneak peak on the animation!
    Enjoy this intro!


I can’t wait for the next season! :D