Save progress syatem


Id like to make an ability to have 2 save slots wich store money and what items you have aswell name said save slot. And im in need of help



use local web storage in javascript, its just that easy!



Great suggestion @CoderKidYT!

@Tsake, here’s a link to a tutorial for localStorage, a basic system for storing information between sessions on websites.

You’ll be able to store information by using code similar to this.

`localStorage.thingIWantToStore = “Value of thing”.

There are a few ‘gotchas’ so have a look through the tutorial, and comment here with any questions on how it might apply in the Editor.

If I am able to today, I’ll try to make an example with save slots, but it will be super basic!


Anyone know how to use "saveData" and "loadData"?

I made an example with your specifications.
However; the inventory won’t be able to load until the alpha editor receives the project.getObject() function (the inventory is saving though).
Save Data example.wick (7.9 KB)

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