Small clicks don't register

I made a simple growing circle game. If you do a solid click the circle grows. But if I click short, it does not register. Please fix this. It is very annoying!

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Hi @Tijn73,

Can you clarify what you mean by a “short” or “solid” click? Often times, increasing your framerate can improve click speed! What is your current FPS?

I have the same problem and will try to explain more :
with any button created, with FPS=12, wick consider that the button is pressed (with mouseclick & mousepressed) when the left button of the mouse is pressed long enough. Wick ignores shorts clicks.
But the solution is the one you gave : FPS = 100.
It’s strange because today the problem is minor but this night it was very annoying.

I use firefox 74, mint 19

PS : sorry for my english

I think that the faster the framerate, the shorter the clicks can be. I can see 2 possibilities.

  1. you must click for the whole frame.
  2. you have to be clicking when the program checks for clicks. NOTE: it may or may not be between frames, it could be in the middle of a frame.

Hi @awc95014,

I experienced this problem too, and I think your explanation about the cause is true.
However, this is very unfortunate. It means that at lower framerates the onclick is virtually unusable. I don’t want to explain to my users: “animations only register long clicks, please keep the mousebutton pressed until something happens”. For now, I use mouseovers, but this is less userfriendly.

Can I request a change in function here? If a button is visible, a click should always register, ie: the code should run ON frame, not between frames? :slight_smile:



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I think a mouse tap should count as a button, or have its very own script, and double tap might be the same. Clicking in general could be updated, and I agree with Paul’s idea:

(I’m a mousepad user, and a mouse tap is simply tapping the mousepad)