Wick Editor 1.16.1 - New color picker, builtin assets, and more


Hello everyone!

1.16 is officially here! Check out the upgraded color picker, the new “Builtin Asset” window, on editor.wickeditor.com!

New Features

  • The Builtin Asset window: Import premade clips and sounds
  • Added Patreon supporters to welcome message window
  • New color palette window in the color picker
  • The color picker now saves the last 8 colors used
  • The eyedropper tool can now be used inside the color picker to pick an existing color
  • Visual update to the color picker
  • HTML Export - export your project as a single HTML file that can be opened in any browser
  • Clips can now be imported/exported as .wickobj files (using ctrl + e)
  • Multiple files at once can now be imported into the asset library
  • Added find (Ctrl+F) to script editor
  • Added gap fill option to fill bucket


  • Fix bug with sounds in the video exporter
  • Fix code window popping up when trying to delete a script
  • Fix ‘default’ scripts not running before ‘load’ scripts
  • Fix tilde hotkey for opening/closing scripting window
  • Fix brush strokes getting stuck on-screen
  • Fix GIF renderer rendering black borders around objects
  • Fix incorrect pan position after resizing the browser window
  • Fix bug where the zoom tool would zoom too far while using a tablet
  • …and many more!

1.16.1 Bug Fixes

  • Users can now paste onto empty frames and a frame will be created.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes selecting an object would not actually select it.
  • Fixed a bug where de selecting an object would sometimes not deselect it.
  • Fixed a bug where clips with locked layers were unselectable
  • Fixed a bug where rotation and drag handles would not properly scale with zoom
  • Fixed a bug where objects that were copy/pasted onto a frame which no longer holds the original object would be shifted down.
  • Fixed a bug where newly created text would not use the fill color.
  • Fixed a bug where auto save would run when modals were open, sometimes crashing the tool.
  • Fixed a bug where selection boxes that were active on frame 1 would appear in rendered gifs and videos
  • Fixed a bug where onion skinning would appear over objects on the current frame.
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking objects within clips would jump user out of clips.
  • Fixed a bug where users were able to create objects that had names of elements on the window, causing a full crash.
  • Fixed a bug where hideCursor() permanently hides the cursor between preview plays
  • Fixed a bug where subtracting paths would remove the original path.
  • Fixed a bug where gifs and videos would not render properly on timelines which had code.


  • Delayed auto save frequency to mitigate potential slowdowns.

Try it out now at editor.wickeditor.com.

Enjoy, and be sure to post any issues you have here!


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This is great!! I’ll have to test this later. I am particularly excited about the custom colors and the wickobject presets. I’m glad it encourages the community to develop helpful, reusable stuff to share! And that V-cam will be much appreciated. :smile:
Some of the preset’s remind me of Behaviors in Construct 2 and 3, which are super useful for quickly adding multiple functions to an object, such as “move/jump like Super Mario”, “fade in and out”, and “wrap around the screen like Pac Man”.


You can also change the settings of each behavior, to make your character jump higher or move differently and stuff.


Maybe Wick’s builtin library could have special objects that behave like these. When you drag one to a Clip, it is added as a child and you can edit its settings in the inspector. Like if you want to make your keyboard control object move faster, you’d change it’s Speed setting. And since it’s an object that exists within the hierarchy, you can reference it in code, like: myCoolClip.keyboardControl.speed = 40;

About the Sounds feature…while it’s a great idea to provide builtin resources like this, I don’t think the Hanna Barbera sound library is actually public domain, since it is available for (very expensive) purchase here… https://www.sound-ideas.com/Product/409/Hanna-Barbera-Sound-Effects-Library

The person who uploaded this to archive.org marked it as public domain, but it seems that’s not true. (Actually, archive.org is full of copyrighted “abandonware” games and other stuff that the license holders probably don’t care about anymore, so watch out if you’re looking for actual free stuff.)

You can find some actual free SFX at freesound.org. If not using public domain (CC0) sounds, just make the license for each sound clear and tell the user to give credit if necessary. :smile:

Anyway, I appreciate all this, and keep up the great work!



All the new features seems fun. The new color palette looks cool and will be in great use! The Built in Assets are gonna come at great help as well. I love the Vcam option and the only thing i would love seeing next will be the “ease in/out” option. Not only for the Vcam but for every animated object.

Thanks for working on the Wick! It gets better and better! :)



Hey @kryptot7, thanks for pointing out that the HB SFX library isn’t actually public domain (we got bamboozled here). We’ve gone ahead and removed the sounds, replacing them with CC0 sound effects from freesound.org!

The suggestions on changing settings to influence behavior of built in assets is great! We’ve been wanting to expose basic settings like that for a while, and have been considering some changes like this for 1.17 or 1.18!



I really want a offline version or a offline desktop app, I’ve tried to build one but it request internet, it’s a shame because in my country the internet network isn’t very stable…

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Actually, I remember this one time when I opened up my computer and the wick editor site was open. I started working, and then I wanted to google something. I opened Google, and it turned out that I didn’t have any internet on my computer the whole time. This was a laptop too that only had a power cable connecting to it. I think Wick Editor is available offline as long as you open it when you were online.

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The Builtin Asset window sounds really cool! I hope that soon we will be able to upload .wickobj to the Builtin Library so we can share assets easily.



There is a bug on chrome os. When drawing to the bottom of the screen, the line is cut off about a centemeter from the bottom of the screen.


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Bumping this thread, 1.16 is now officially released.



Is it only me or the Vcam is misbehaving?
I have made a simple test animation with it and it didn’t capture the Vcam frame size.
The red lines represent the edge of the camera. The Vcam seems to capture more than what’s in its borders. And while testing in Wick, weirdly zooms.