Working On Wick Editor FNF Mod!

The title says it all.

Can @moderators give me a logo of the wick editor with transparency?
I need that to make the idle animation for my mod.

i dont think there going to allow it if your posting it elsewere

here are the official logos.

Here’s a screenshot update:

Another update:


Friday Night Flashy

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can you send the game or something

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Its not finished. I can send you the file by private if you want to help.

I can help if you need it

Sorry, but if you’re planning on making a FNF Mod about Wick Editor (and you are posting it elsewhere), they won’t let you do that. Sorry again :frowning:

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Hi everyone, i’ve forgotten about this, and sadly, all the files have been lost due to being on a new computer. I’ve been working on sprites in Krita, but it’s all a mess. So, i’ll keep updates here. Thanks

Question: What would the songs be like?

Well, I wasnt planning to add songs, but I might add some.

Oh. Ok!

well if you want to use another character that is not flashy i will be glad to help!

Thanks! I really need more characters than Flashy.

Maybe you could use some OC’s from the forums with permission like in Let’s Funk or something.

Alright… Does anyone know how to contact them?

Hmmm, a fnf mod I see…