Going back to my profile is making me FEEL old, and I was just online last year.

So to make you feel more affirmed that knowing me is a voluntary act, I’ll just dump whatever I wanted to say about myself here… and some places you could contact me more easily outside of here.

About me

Who are you?

I am KringlePrinkles! I make drawings, animations, and some tunes. I wanted to learn programming while simultaneously making myself look cool, so I came here.

What are you working on?

Trying to get back into Wick Editor so that I could make quality games with it.

What are your motives for using Wick Editor

I wanted to contribute in using Wick Editor for making polished games. The previous attempt with Forum Fighters just shows us where the ceiling is… which not only sucks but it also makes me feel a little down. And particularly challenged.

So I’m going to make games that barely touch the ceiling Wick Editor could handle.

Where can I find updates?

Somewhere in these forums. I’ll link a thread here when I can.

Where else can I find you outside of Wick Editor?

:eyes: If eyes don’t pry here…

You can contact me fastest on Discord at KringlePrinkles#6823. Don’t expect me to friend you, but you should be able to DM me… I think.

If your query doesn’t waste time and if I could, I will answer.