Hello, I am Penn. I animate, draw, and I can make pretty decent pancakes.

I’m still learning how to make good animations, especially as I am not very good at Clean-Up, but I’m trying my best. I also have interest in Game Development, though I know next to nothing about how that works.

My work varies as my interests do, however I did begin with Stickfigures. My most recent project is about a game called Sky, Children of the Light. The project I am hoping to begin soon is a Metroidvania about a Cartographer, who gets wrapped into saving a kingdom of Moths despite only wanting to map the world around them.

You may have seen my work before as I believe I got 7th place in the Wick Editor x Hyun’s Dojo Animation Contest. It’s been a long time so I forget which place I got, but I remember I got Top 10 at least. That is about the extent of my hubris at the moment.

Thank you for visiting my Profile :)