I’m the guy that made that platformer engine and made that huge library of Wick Editor knowledge.


I’m a male between 13 and 18 years old. I live in the west US, so my time zone is Pacific.

For some reason, many people say I’m smarter than I think I am. I’m not sure if there’s just a side of me I’m not seeing or what, but I don’t feel like the person that “makes solutions for Apple [and] codes for Microsoft and Google [and] has a coding solution when someone needs help [and] gives advice to Tim Cook” (very paraphrased quote from a friend).

I’ve been animating on Wick for a few years. I joined the forum a bit later, which is about when I also started to make games.

I began learning the following coding languages from the places listed after them:

If you want to find me in some games, here are the ones I play (in order of how often I play them), along with my usernames:

Here are some other random places:


All of these were left to the side, but I plan to come back to them.


I probably won’t join collabs, but I’m leading FFR with mlgcoolguys_1 and Kringle_Prinkles.


My character has a circle head, rectangle body with a binary shirt (100 101 011), 4 stick limbs, short black hair, vertical black eyes (they’re brown IRL but black looks better to me), and sometimes a mouth if I feel like it. I want to remake it at some point because it’s really basic.

You may use my OC…

Do not attempt to look for loopholes, and use common sense (there may be missing rules).