Amateur animator and game dev.


Basic Information

I’m a boy, and I’m between 13 and 18 years old. My time zone is Pacific, and I’m in the US.


I’ve been animating on Wick for maybe 2-3 years. I joined the forum a bit later. I make both animations and games.

Coding Knowledge

I know how to code in Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS, and Java. I prefer JavaScript and Python.

I learned each of these languages from:

  • JS: Khan Academy
  • Python: SoloLearn
  • HTML/CSS: Khan Academy (and some
  • Java: my parents (my mom made me piggyback my brother’s lessons)


The games I play (in order of how often I play them), and my usernames on them:


I’m very good at archiving projects. All of these were left to the side, but I plan to come back to them.


I probably won’t join collabs, but I’m leading FFR with mlgcoolguys_1 and Kringle_Prinkles.


When and How to Use

You may use my OC…

  • without permission
  • without notification (it would be appreciated though)
  • with credit (provide a link to my Wick profile)
  • if the project is kid-friendly (at most 13+)
  • if the project is not political
  • if I am portrayed in a neutral or positive way

Do not attempt to look for loopholes, and use common sense (there may be missing rules). I hold the final say.

About My Character

My OC (character) is heavily inspired by users on Scratch, even though I don’t use it. It has a circular face with buzz-cut hair, 2 vertical eyes, and sometimes a mouth if it fits the need. It has a rectangle body and 4 stick limbs. The shirt has binary numbers.

I plan on changing it eventually so it has… actual arms and legs. And I will probably get rid of the binary shirt and maybe make it a navy blue hoodie.