maintaining homeostasis

the chloroplast is not the powerhouse of the cell

giant information glob incoming


My pronouns are he/him, but they/them works too. I live in the west US, so my time zone is Pacific.

I began learning the following coding languages from the places listed after them:

If you want to find me in some games, here are the ones I play (in order of how often I play them), along with my usernames:

Here are some other random places:



I probably won’t join collabs, but I’m leading FFR with mlgcoolguys_1 and Kringle_Prinkles.


My character has a circle head, rectangle body with a binary shirt (100 101 011), 4 stick limbs, short black hair, vertical black eyes (they’re brown IRL but black looks better to me), and sometimes a mouth if I feel like it.

I want to remake it at some point because it’s really basic and essentially a Scratch OC.

You may use my OC…

Do not attempt to look for loopholes, and use common sense (there may be missing rules, but they should be straight-forward).