What in the whippin’ widdling wheat are you?

Hello, I’m KringlePrinkles. I am a bamboo stalk who is too tall to fit inside a pork and beans tin can. “That’s a rude question to ask” is what I wanted to say, but ehh the gig was a little amusing.

I like to make music and draw! I’m trying to balance school work and my free time, and it is quite… a struggle. Okay, I just realized that that sorta thing should be expected of anyone with responsibility. If you’re too busy hurtin’ or being busy with life to be online, then don’t worry about that. It’s normal.

What in the fresh flippin’ fiddles did you make?

I am currently helping out the development of “Forum Fighters”, So do check out the game! Forum Fighters is a 2D Platforming Fighter video game that was supposed to feature some levels you traverse… We’re not there yet, though.

Now where in the exhaustingly enormous Earth are you?

… well? What are your plans with the Wick Editor?

a list of things… actually!

Thank you for taking the time to know me! I hope we get along! :smile: