Merge Audio Glitch


Hi, when I try exporting a Wick project as a video file it starts to save but stops at the Merge audio and video part. Can you please fix this bug?


Hey @Brunchyr, Sorry for not getting back sooner! There can be a few reasons why the program stopped there. Mind telling me which browser you’re using, and sending your project to


can i just do it here also the browser i use is chrome


and it also doesn’ot work on firefox


@Brunchyr You can add it here as a zip!


@Luxapodular I was actually the one to ask this question but I couldn’t because i didn’t have an account at the time so i got Brunchy R to send it (if you don’t believe me ask him). Every time I save Wick projects as videos with audio it never saves and stops on merges audio with video. But when I delete the audio files it works. Some audios i can save and some don’t work (usually long audio files like music).


@Barfy, sorry for the late reply. Was out of town for the weekend. What type of audio files are you using? Would you be able to email or post the files here?


I am using MP3 and sometimes WAV