3D archer game V3

3d archer game1-9-2022_11-55-51.html (2.2 MB)
instructions are in game


it’s a nice game!
I like the arrow that drop with distance but i find quite hard to estimate the target/ arrow distance
Maybe adding shadows could make it easier


How did you make it?

each target just moves according to where the mouse is

3d archer game1-11-2022_15-53-32.html (2.2 MB)
archer game v4

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wick file?

why do you want it?

Probably wants to see the code or maybe just make their own features to it ;-;

i just want it to try to make a “3d game” like that you can actually move in

3d archer game1-11-2022_15-53-23.wick (59.0 KB)

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i made it look more 3d and you can move around https://ufile.io/oye7iy8i

I cant download the file, can you make a html file?

the file is too big

can you do google drive?

no im on school chromebook

I am too and I can use google drive.

Yeah, on a school chromebook you cab still use Google drive to share files or other things though some school district makes it so they can see what your share but that should be a problem

maybe you could move the targets when you move?
also when you move back far enough the background inverts