A few Bugs that appeared when using Chrome live version of Wick Editor


Hi there,

I was working on a project in Chrome and this 2 bugs appeared (Live version of Wick Editor)

The first is this large grey area that popped up when i created a new layer. Can’t seem to get rid of it.

The second is that i can no longer select my objects on the stage. Selection is fine after i export the file and run it in firefox. Just not in Chrome.

Buttons-Feb20-2019-6.38PM.wick (24.3 KB)

Lastly, after exporting my project into HTML.
Out of 3 browsers, only Firefox is working fine.
It doesn’t run in MS Edge and the audio timing is very messed up in Chrome

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


i went through this problem as u did, and i just turn to FireFox to develop my project.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for replying to my query

Hope it gets fixed in the future updates


Hey @domonkachu,

We’ve fixed this bug in Wick Editor 1.0. You can try a development version on alpha.wickeditor.com. :slight_smile: