A few feature suggestions. Spice up the forums! :D


I know there’s a feature suggestion topic category,
but that’s for the editor itself I believe.
I want to suggest a few additions I’d like to see for
the forum itself.
(Please add other suggestions down below if you want!)

So first, if this is at all possible, I’d like to be able to share, AND play wick files in
the forums. It’d be really cool to be able to instantly share a project with everyone!
I know you can already upload the file and have someone download it, then
move it to the editor, but being able to play someone’s game or watch their animation
as they upload it with no in-between hassle would be super neat to me!

Next, I think having activities going on in the forums could make the whole place a lot more lively. Sort of like the game jam,
the forum itself could host a (Monthly, Bi-Monthly?) challenge where you
are tasked to make “x” themed game/animation.
The winner could get like a badge, trophy, (or some kind of icon in their profile) to show they won!
I think it could get some creativity flowing here.

Ok, last but not least, it’d be nice to have more customization in the forums.
Things like, custom colors for your profile, being able to have animated gifs
for profile pictures, just things to make the site look more interesting.

Anyway, if anyone read this, please tell me what you think below,
and add on to this if you have any ideas!



I think these are all fantastic ideas! :smile: :clap: I’d be excited to participate in Wick challenges.

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Thank you! :smile:
I’d like to as well, especially since I didn’t have enough time to enter
the jam. I feel like it could also get more people into using Wick!
(I’ve been trying to get friends to come here.)



Some really cool ideas! I think we might be able to get a few of these in since the forum is using a really common forum platform called “Discourse”. I’ll search around for some Discourse plugins that might be able to do some of these.

The Game Jam / Challenge Ideas are a great idea also. I think we could totally start putting some of these together!

The most difficult item to add here would be a Wick Player on the forum as that would have to be mostly custom, BUT we can probably drop wick projects in the forum once we have HTML export in the editor.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this,
I know you guys are busy so I appreciate it!

It’d be cool to see any of these come true tbh,
especially the challenges! :heart_eyes:

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