A few simple wickobjects


I tried making some simple objects similar to the builtin assets in the wick editor, which could potentially be used in variety of different projects. I’m still very much an amateur at coding, so I don’t really know how helpful these are, but anyone is welcome to use and adapt what’s here.

minuteclock.wick (3.3 KB) - A one-minute analog timer.
followMouseDelayed.wick (1.6 KB) - An object that moves in the direction of the mouse cursor. (I was thinking of a game where it’s an enemy you have to avoid)
statusBarWithButtons.wick (5.6 KB) - A status bar, could be used to represent health/energy/etc.



These are great! I think the follow mouse object in particular could be a great addition to the builtin library. It is a very common thing to have in many games.