A new roguelike game (help needed)

thanks, its sopposed to be a map of the four areas

I added dialogue to the middle zombie in the reception area he tells you some important stuff Little Reaper10-6-2022_22-21-08.wick press x to talk to people.

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@Masyn_Coleman we need some decorations for valmoor keep, anything that would be in a medieval castle, suits of armor, medieval paintings, etc.

also please make the decorations as realistic as possible

here is an example room

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these are statues wearing armor image

these are banners, one of a castle and the other a sword through a crownimage image

which is better

  • top
  • bottom
  • top should have less carpet
  • I don’t know

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hows this?

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hey @Masyn_Coleman how is art doing?

Hey sorry my internet has been down lately and i have tests to study for but there okay so far…

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is anyone else going to join?

I think it’s just us for now

I made new art and remade the games code. My Project11-15-2022_8-55-05.wick
arrow keys to move
z to attack

is anyone intrested in helping out?

  • yes
  • no

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I guess this project isn’t happening

anyone who wants to help out im going to do this as a platformer instead.