A new roguelike game (help needed)

Fill out the following information to have your collab considered for the forum:

  1. Title: “Little Reaper” collab
  2. Topic: I need some help with me game
  3. Time Frame: from now until the game is done.
  4. Submission Requirements: if you want to join then select what you want to do below.
  5. Project Requirements: please post wick files
  6. Project Leads: me

here is the current state of the game little reaper9-23-2022_20-30-37.wick, right now we need to:

  1. redesign the little reaper (I don’t really like how I drew him).
  2. make the attack work (the animation is in the character animation clip)
  3. make a design for valmore keep and king valmore’s animations and attacks
  4. design enemies that attack the player.

if you want to join then select what you want to do below

  • artist
  • animator
  • coder
  • story designer
  • level designer
  • character/enemy designer

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I edited the games coding a little bit so the attack works. little reaper9-27-2022_23-31-56.wick

I am going to convert this game to be a roguelike

So, what are we going to do first???

well we need some art made
im making the art for the hideout walls and ground + the new little reaper design
so maybe you could do the skeleton and some ghosts in the waiting room, maybe wait until im done making some art so you have an idea

Ok, that’s fine with me… just @ me when your ready

@Masyn_Coleman I made some sprites for the main hideout/the waiting room + the sprites for Little Reaper.
if it looks like the eyes are flickering then they aren’t, that just happened.

first room @Masyn_Coleman
Screenshot 2022-10-04 2.15.06 PM

its just an idea it may not be final

Ok, well thank you i’ll get started on it after i get done studying for my exam… It should be done by friday, if that is okay

ok that should be fine

I honestly think that the little reaper in the wick file of ok its got the perfect undertale kinda vibes

is it because its top down? not every topdown game is the same

Just the texture of it makes it look like undertale ngl

hmmmm, IDK it doesn’t look like it to me

really it looks like it to me because if you zoom out to where undertale would be it kinda looks like it but were geting off topic a little bit ngl…

yeah we are actually

I made the waiting room/hideout and made you able to teleport between levels
Litttle Reaper.wick

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I edited it and made it have x for both skipping the dialogue and for going to the next dialogue so it’s faster. I also got rid of the portal as it’s not needed and added some people around who met an unfortunate end. Little Reaper.wick also the controls are

arrow keys to move
z to attack
x to interact and go through dialogue

Ok, thank you!!! I like the background btw… (the one before you enter the room with the skeleton)