A simple iq test

I remade my old “stupid test” and made it “better” by making a different question format a simple iq test1-17-2022_16-03-02.html

very amazing game but my results were 10

edit: i retook it and got 0.

I might change it soon
Edit I made the numbers heigher a simple iq test1-17-2022_17-54-14.html

if you got 0 then you had gotten all answers wrong, if you got 10 then you might have gotten 1 half way right

how do you get a 100 if one of the questions answers is just illuminate 3 times in a row

what do you mean?

No matter what I do I keep getting 140 ;-;

that means your missing one

Hmmm, im moving mouse all over the place ;-;

Can the number go below 140 ;-;


Have you found the hidden thing in the cooke question yet?

Yeah I have in the side of the screen ;-;

It the first thing I found ,-, when got to the cookie lvl