A small new game mega thred

My Project9-30-2021_6-48-48.wick (50.9 KB)
hi ummm this is not s.s
(no refrences to s.s)

My Project9-30-2021_6-58-52.wick (85.0 KB)

My Project9-30-2021_7-03-23.wick (127.1 KB)

My Project9-30-2021_14-10-58.wick (144.7 KB) l.i.s.b.f

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whats it sopposed to be


new game…

sorry ill get a demo to you soon

you didnt let it dounload

No offence but, Is this a game or an animation?
It isn’t interactive at all…

its a game its lapis in snow ball fight

ok hear

l.i.s.b.f bild_510-7-2021_7-56-22.wick

this is a prototipe

new bata

l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_0-47-33.wick (161.4 KB)

New Piskel

and unused content

first working prototipe:
l.i.s.b.f bild_710-9-2021_2-07-53.html (2.3 MB)

l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_2-05-36.wick

new prototipe:
l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_11-48-38.html

l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_11-48-41.wick

l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_12-04-38.html

alpha:l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_13-50-50.html

for tetra bit gaming:l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_13-50-55.wick

lapis in snowball fight

ALPHA:l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_16-32-48.html (2.5 MB)

EDITOR:l.i.s.b.f bild_510-9-2021_16-32-41.wick (305.6 KB)

l.i.s.b.f bild_510-10-2021_14-09-20.wick (483.3 KB)

ALPHA:l.i.s.b.f bild_510-10-2021_16-12-12.html (2.7 MB)

for tetra bit:l.i.s.b.f bild_510-10-2021_16-08-18.wick (487.8 KB) (487.8 KB)

for tetra bit:[l.i.s.b.f bild_510-10-2021_17-31-57.wick (441.2 KB)

ALPHA DEBUG MODE INCLUDED:l.i.s.b.f bild_510-10-2021_17-32-22.html (2.7 MB)