A undertale fan game

please dont be mean because I like an old game but I got this idea the story is that this is during a genocide run and this character is a monster that has heard about you and has the power to use any kind of magic and threatens to destroy you if you don’t give up and reset.
edit: heres one with a menu fixed it My Project4-17-2021_20-54-05.html


hope you like it so far

Did you make this?

yeah I did I made the game and the entire story myself

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thats all for now but I will be making more

I made a different 1st attack My Project4-17-2021_22-50-14.html

added more My Project4-18-2021_2-59-58.html first appearence of “bobby”

dude thats amzing

also the character is sopposed to be a fox but sence i had to do a black and white character I couldn’t do much but I made him a artist because he can use all magic

one of the best games i’ve seen on wick

This is really good but is the rose peddle things the end or is there more

you made this really hard and made it too fast to read it doesn’t even feel possible.

Are you talking to me? :(

No I was talking to @gamer_boi :/

its sopposed to be hard

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You made it TOO hard you made it faster than a normal persons reaction time and people cant read that fast so they would miss and get hit cause they were trying to read and they had there guard down

whell if you can fix it then i will let you but for now I made the soul change colors at the different attacks undertale4-21-2021_11-02-04.html also its hard because its a genocide run and he wants to defeat you

I added a new attack undertale4-21-2021_13-01-32.html

i fixed it a bit undertale4-21-2021_14-55-17.html

also here is the wick file if you want it undertale4-21-2021_15-01-10.wick