about features for animation tweening

hello everyone and hello also to the wick editor staff

I am very happy with this software
This really helped me when I was confused about what animation software I could use
and I was very impressed with the video results, very smooth!

but it’s just that there are things that I really want to add to this cool software.
Is it possible to change the location of the points at will?
and can the ‘easing type’ feature be added again so that you can even set it to your own liking?

Suggestion: try taking a peek at the features in the ‘alight motion’ app, I think this wick editor is still getting better!
I really want this feature to be available soon, this really helps me a lot

Thank you so much to anyone who reads this
sweet regards

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I think you can manually make it so the tween animation has easing, its just a little more time consuming than normal

That’s what I really need in the wick editor, because it’s something that animation meme creators really need so that the animation is smoother and saves time.

you can do this by

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