Account Suspended for spam?

A few seconds ago i got my acount banned for spam? what???I never said any thing twice on wick so can someone unban my account. :frowning: its Monk0_playz thats my AC

responding to a topic twice could be considered spam, and pointless replies are also spam.


and to be fair, you were also being kind of rude.


your alt (the one you made this topic with) is likely to also be banned for being an alt of a banned account.

i’m not sure if a mod will unban you or not, but for now, read the rules so you know what goes and what doesn’t. and when you come back, please follow those rules. worst case scenario, you’re just gonna have to wait for 14 days (until september 20).

please don’t take this as me exposing you or anything, i’m not trying to make you feel bad.

pointless commests that are scams are cosidered spam

it said also that it was only spam

you didnt mind if i change the title of this topic for future users…
it might useful for the newcomers