Add-ons store website coded in html css and js

go to it is a proxy

doesnt work works but im waiting for the new proxy to come out tomorrow

im on school chromebook too

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ok then use this proxy

if it doesn’t work then ima do it in codepen

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yeah lets just do it in codepen

i gotta go soon

ok ima do it

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i’ll do the hosting when you’re done
with firebase

one thing I’m not that good at coding but ill try

heres my website:


i believe this counts as outside chat. i think replit has a chat function along with a google doc-style code editor.

yeah it does i think

i should’ve been clearer.

according to the wick forum rules, outside chat is not allowed. so you aren’t allowed to link to things like that replit collaborative code thing.

i didn’t know and still that rule is a little bit unnecessary

im not saying that i should break that rule

still i don’t know if has a chatroom

it does

they advertise these 2 things on their home page: collaborative editing and chat.

ok then still I’m not linking him to the chat it’s just to code it