Add-ons store website coded in html css and js

hello just wanted to say that maybe I can make an add-ons store for now until the team creates an official one.

that is just an idea I had so yeah ill post again when I have a decent webpage

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just like @DylanExists said for a suggestion

i can do hosting if you want
and server side stuff

also are you making it codepen?
we can colab on it and I can do ui/ux and server side stuff

im making it in

Imma send multiplayer coding link when you want

can you make it in codepen so i can access it?

i cant access replit

it is multiplayer coding

how and why

here u go

no but it’s better for html and css

try to join

its blocked :/

in you school

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blocked :/

do you have school chromebook

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is it blocked in ur school

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yes it is blocked

ok i have a trick just wait