Addition to new Clip Animation Setting

I love having the new Clip Animation setting in ver 1.17, but it would be even better if the loop and play once options had a frame field (like single frame does) to set the starting frame. Adobe Animate does this and it allows for much better control over the internal animation of the clip when using it in the main timeline

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@Hamzah_Al_Ani pls help I’m not techy

Nice suggestion @Dan_Doggett, idk if this is already possible (I don’t use sounds a lot), but it would be great to have : )


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@Dan_Doggett I’ve added this to our issue board and will try to fit it into 1.19!

Any chance this still makes 1.19?

I actually just tried to implement this into Wick! I think I’ve basically got it, but I’m wondering if loop should go back to the very beginning (frame 1), or to the starting frame specified. What do you think?


Adobe Animate implements this feature by going back to frame 1. I think that makes sense because the timeline should be created to loop the whole thing and we just want to control the starting frame. The other implementation could then be accomplished with play once and then restarting with a new keyframe if necessary

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. I think I’m basically all set with the code, going to try to get this integrated into 1.19 soon.

Hey @sporklpony! For this one, we’ll also need to add some tests to the engine! Let me know if you’re able to work those out as well, or if I can help you get started.

Makes sense! Looking at the tests, I think I can work them out, but I’ll let you know if anything comes up. Thank you!

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@Luxapodular I’m a little confused about how to read the testing interface (localhost:9999/tests after running yarn engine-tests). I’ve written some tests and they appear to be marked as failing, but when I click the little play button on the far right side of the test, it shows the test as passing? I’ve also seen it the other way, where a test marked as passing on the main screen is failing on the second screen. What’s the correct way to interpret the two testing screens?