Adventure Cube

Adventure Cube Is a Platformer Adventure game that is based off of Hollow Knight. I got the Idea of making the player based of off Indiana Jones, (its just a cube :neutral_face: , okay i never went to school to learn how to design, don’t judge me. I CAN HEAR U JUDGING ME!!!)

It seems that adventure cube is to big of a file sorry :frowning_face:

just send it using google drive

I can make some art for you

Thank you & how do u send it through google drive

It seems I can send it as a .wick file but I don’t want other people taking my work especially this indie game

go to, then press: New, file upload, then select the file to upload and then go to recent and select the file to send here, click this image then copy the link and send it here

send it as a .html file

It says its to big

use google drive

Got it here’s the game, hope it works

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I need access

when you copy the link make sure this image looks like this image

Forget it @gamer_boi here’s the actual file in .wick format so you can open it in The Wick Editor please don’t take it for your self & I hope u like it :grinning:

Adventure Cube12-2-2022_7-57-17.wick (2.3 MB)

I see potential in this game & I hope you can make me some level art PLEASE

dont worry I won’t

do you want pixel art or no?

I would like vector art because I want Adventure Cube to be a Hollow Knight based thing & that’s why i need to ask @Jovanny to add wall jumping cause I think wall jumping would be cool.

Please make the art kinda like Indiana Jones underground adventure. I’ll see if I can make a layout of how the levels will be just wait okay.

Hey wait, were you able to play the game in Wick Editor, cause if it didn’t work, I made the game in Wick Editor 1.19.4 not 1.19.3 okay.