Alan Becker Style

To rotate a body part, enter the clip, select everything(ctr+a), and rotate what you selected.
Steve6-7-2022_13-36-09.wick (41.9 KB)


I made a run cycle

cool! you can also edit his expression by by click on his face

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nice >u< it was fun to play with him

Steve6-8-2022_9-15-13.wick (410.7 KB)
sorry rough animation…

Do know how I can make Wick less laggy while using him?

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err…My Apologies,… desmond i dont really sure about that :sweat_smile:
cuz my pc didn’t lag while using it…sorry…

Does anyone have any problems with lag?

a smaller project (canvas), smaller images used for animation and lower frames rate will make your amination smoother
if you animate a 100x100 image at 12 fps your pc has to calculate 120.000 pixels every seconds
a 250x250 image animated at 30 fps require 1.875.000 pixels to be calculated

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here’s a different one:SteveMC6-9-2022_14-14-33.wick (26.2 KB)


this is one where you can place blocks:placing blocks6-20-2022_21-55-03.wick (32.0 KB)

this is one thing I made with it:

can someone help me with a problem?
sometimes when I’m placing block they overlap and that causes unnecessary lag.

This is one with Herobrine and with a different texture:
Steve_Herobrine6-28-2022_17-02-56.wick (75.3 KB)
Screenshot 2022-06-28 5.07.58 PM

shaved steve?

yeah, I also made one with the beard?