Among Us Animation Collab Remade (Actors Needed)

  1. Title: Among Us Gameplay (Inspired by the names “Among Us Logic” and “Basically Among Us”
  2. Topic: Among Us animation
  3. Time Frame: I want to continue this collab until it is finished or everyone quits (which is voluntary)
  4. Submission Requirements: There are no submission requirements.
  5. Project Requirements: There are no requirements but good animators, sound artists, and good actors.
  6. Project Leads: I’m leading but I can hire more people.

Hey can I be in this?

Sure! Do you want to be an actor? Also I’m calling these people to come back:

hey i’m here

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Did you ask the girl you knew? I already have the first scene.

When do you need her today or tommarow? Because i can send her the script, she’s not able to download or view pictures on here for some odd reason!

Okay. All she has to say is “Yay. I won.” happily but kinda short.

Hey i can be a voice actor depending on the time because im still in school sooo… :man_shrugging:

im here, is there anything I should do (I actually cant voice act I don’t think)

Of course I’ll help! I could make any music you might need, ambience, and some sounds. And of course I can help animate.

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Can I see a short Among Us GIF (like a kill or something) so I can see if you’re good at Among Us animation? (I noticed that Among Us characters have a certain style to their animation)


for voice acting? yea i can do tht and i can sound thingy

I can do voice acting, I have a mic and it sounds well.

I don’t think I will be able to do this

Why can’t you do this?

I need to voice act please
think of it as a voice reveal

I wouldn’t have time

so uh wheres my script