Anchor point

I am using the latest version of Wick.

Is there any way to change the anchor point position? I can see the anchor point in the middle of the object but I can’t change it’s position. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is moving anchor points just not a feature?

No, you are not doing it wrong; moving the anchorpoint is not possible.
There is a workaround: make another object, and group the two. The anchorpoint of the group will be the center of the two combined.

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Another trick would be to double click the object to go inside of its timeline, then click ctrl + a to select everything, then move everything around to adjust the anchor point.

When you exit the timeline of the clip you should be able to notice a difference.

You can change the anchor point of an object by making it into a clip. When Inside the clip, drag the object around to change its anchor point outside the clip. For example, if I wanted to extend a stick man’s height and make it stay in where its feet are, I would make it a clip, drag it to the plus sign and put its feet on up on the up-side of the middle of the plus sign. Then I would go outside of the clip then extend the height. I’ll try to include screenshots later

Use this instead

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