Animation based on Wick Editor: Character Design

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Dear Moderators,

I am Pranav Diddi, if you do not know me, it is a pleasure to be a part of the Wick community. On this occasion, I am currently creating an animated show based on the website itself/logo. It is known as Wick!
In this, my collab team and I would recreate some of the characters/locations used in this banner to “life”:

I would also love to create the moderators Luxapodular and Jovanny as a character and add a “personality” to this show to make it entertaining!
So I would like to have your permission to do this. It would be a great pleasure!

Here is a preview of the mod. characters:

As you see, each character has a personality. Don’t take them personally (only for entertainment) I hope you will allow me to add this to the animation!


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