Animation parcour test made not sooo long ago

I have drafted this animation for a long time and decided to post it
Animation vs minecraft Undone3-27-2022_10-56-28


Looks lazy…

Seems nice to me. Very smooth and clear movements. The dynamic motion arcs look a little unnatural to me though.


Yeah…i was really lazy on this one.

Thx…And yup the dynamiz and motion arcs looks unatural cuz this was a i wanted to finish this project fast sooo i made it quick…that might explain why the arcs looks unatural

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I see you were inspired by Alan Becker

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Yeah, i’m inspired by alan becker :). His animations are awesome.

I discovered Wick Editor thanks to Alan Becker.

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I know right, me 2 XDDDDDDDDDDD. A friend also recomended wick editor for me and after trying it. I feel in love with it.

I discovered it the same way too

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Thats awesome. Seems like Aalan becker promoted wick editor and gave a chance for awesome animators to experience this awesome online software :)