Animation without drawing

If, like me you lack drawing skills wick editor provides other means to animate. The attached gif was made in Wick Editor. The background images were uploaded to wick editor using the Asset Library upload tool.
The fighter craft images were uploaded after using to remove the background. Each asset was placed on a seperate layer. Tweening the flight of individual craft and to enlarge backgrounds was done layer by layer, with all but the layer being tweened locked. (The flight behind the dome but in front of the scene). The top layer is the dome, part of this scene has had the background removed so the craft in flight and the scene behind are displayed. The middle layer is the craft. The back layer is the scene. (The cockpit flights.) The top layer is the cockpit. the middle layers are the craft in flight. the back layer is the scene. No coding or art skills were used. Unfortunately I cannot locate the original wick project.