Any wick editor forks out there?

Is there any forks of wick editor that’s active or at least a fork that’s working…? Im curious if there is anyone out there in the community who’s kind enough to continue working on wick editor somewhere… I heard that @Jovanny has made one but i’m not sure if it’s still working or if it’s out for use or something… Also I could use a bit of help in building wick editor locally since I want wick editor to work offline because im very limited to the internet. Thanks in advance :)

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Here…, but try to follow the instructions at the bottom of the page… There are some libraries that may be obsolete, but you can try.

Here is some logs about what I did…


If you want a Wick without Internet: there is a downloadable self-contained version here:

It is slightly older than the version online, but workable for me.