Anybody know how to add sounds to animations

how do i put sound in animations

  1. Navigate to the Upload Asset button in the right bottom corner of the Wick Editor.
  2. Upload your audio files
  3. Create a separate layer ( layers ) for the sound effects.
  4. Create a frame at the position you wish your sound to start from.
  5. Drag and drop the audio file in the frame you’ve made.

You may need to extend the frame length in order for the whole sound to play.

Good luck :)

thank you :]

I can’t still do it, is it because of the type of it? Does it have to be .mp3 or can any work(like .m4a (cause mine is that one))?

Hey @Aysel_Angel can you specify what is the problem your facing?

Is it that you are not hearing anything? Or the asset library is not showing the file that was added?

You’ll need to describe your problem in detail in order for others help you trouble shoot.

Also, I’m no tech wizard, but most platforms (like the wick editor) are specifically designed to accept certain types of files.
Try to go online and try to find websites that can convert .m4a files into .MP3 (a more common and accepted file type)

My sound file wasn’t getting added, it said “[sound file].m4a (not .mp3) couldn’t get added to assets”, why, is it because my type was .m4.a not .mp3?

Possibly, but I don’t know which audio files Wick Editor accepts. The only ones I know is mp3 and wav files. I don’t think I’ve ever used m4.a files, however.

I have a .m4a , I think it doesn’t support this file, but now how can I make my project?

Try this:

I haven’t used it before, however.

Quick question: What is your audio like? Did you get it from a Youtube video? If so, I can try convert it to MP3.

If that doesn’t work, try get in contact with Luca.

It’s not from Youtube, it’s a recording I recorded.

OMG it worked! Thank you so much for the help!

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No problem!