Anybody like bfdi and fnf?

i made an animation
BFDI_Firey5-16-2024_9-59-20.wick (2.7 MB)

Used to watch TONS of Bfdi and other object shows when I was 13… I’m 16 now and I have a copy of flash 8 that I’m using to make an fnf mod.

me too, im now 14

now you KNOW i love me some BFDI and FNF! :grin:

Not a fan of BFDI, but rather someone who enjoys the way that it’s animated. Pretty interesting stuff.
As for FNF, I never got fully invested. Can’t play rhythm games.

i Really. like FNF BFDI…

I like both of those, I’ve tried to make like an object show fnf mod before.

it’s really hard :3