Anybody up for a Madness duel?

So, if you’re like me, you’ve probably heard, or even been involved, in making Madness Combat stuff. Not so long ago, I stumbled upon this post explaining a fun animating experience called Madness Duels. Its wherein 2 animators will duel with each other. Of course there are rules on how this works, so I’ll link the original post where I found about this

So yeah, if you like to animate and like madness combat, maybe consider doing this?
Oh and if it’s fine, let me know if I can post the finished product here and my YT channel

wow ok cool i might try that alsoo what sofwere is this? is it just wick?

Yup, just Wick.

ok cool im down to do it then

I’ll send a wick file through here, do you wanna start, or me?

you start
i have had expereance with animation but just stick fight and gifs so you start

Sure thing m8

This might take a while though, so just sit tight and do some stuff
Oh and, what username do you want to appear above you?

“simple” oh also i might talk a little to get back to you because its late where i am and i got school tomorrow so yeh

Sure, I’m online all day. It is just morning for me after all

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Here’s the wick file for both the grunt sheet and the animation itself. No rush…

New users can’t upload attachments, great…

Here’s a link to a google drive folder then:

its not leting me in can you upload the .wick file?

edit: oh wait nvm sorry lol

wont let me in so post the file here
you should just b able to press the + sighn no account needed

welp im going to go to bed now bye

I know you’re probably still asleep, but there’s nothing in the padlet :confused:

gooood morning and nothing is there yet but the button in the bottom right is what you need to press then on the paper icon to upload the file and then the publish button

Ooh okay, gotcha

Done and Done

ok ill work on my part and reupload on the padlet once its done

ok one its on padlet now