Anyone has any tips on where to start learning js?

I want to learn js (JavaScript) so that I can make better stuff on the wick editor anyone has any tips on where to start learning js?

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w3schools I think


Using wick’s own tutorials are a good help, jovanny and luxa had made their fair share of videos


When I first started using wick editor, I used the reference side of the code editor and wasted a couple of hours trying to make a clip move up, down, left and right with arrows, until I found out there was an asset library with what I needed. I learned javascript afterwards by gathering what I know and think up of a game I could create with that knowledge.

Every time I learned something new, I wanted to make something with it.
Practice helps, by a lot!
To learn something is one thing, but to create something with it is another level.

If you’re a visual learner, you can try out the tutorials on youtube, some out there are helpful.
Jovanny’s and Luca’s are currently the best yt tutorials out there!

I also plan to create a website with my wick tutorials there when a break comes, with downloadable assets and files.


to learn js just search JavaScript tutorials